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Match your laptop to your mood–Switch lids   Leave a comment

After a brief hiatus to go see Josh Groban sing at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, I’m back! I finally got to try out my latest tech purchase–my exchangeable lid for my new Dell Inspiron 17R.  I ordered the computer for myself, but I like to upgrade computers every year or so.  Usually, my son “inherits” my old model when the new one arrives.  However, knowing that I would eventually have to give my old computer to my son would make me hesitate to order a laptop in a color that I really loved but knew he would hate, like purple.

Dell seems to have found a solution to this problem when they came out with their switchable lids.  I of course ordered the purple striped lid, shown below:

When the time comes to give my laptop to my son, he can then choose another lid to switch to.  One I think he might like is the X design:

Or he might go with a red lid, since red is his favorite color:

Actually switching the lids is easy.  There is just a button to push in the back, and the old lid pops out.  The new lid can then just click into place.  When I ordered my laptop from QVC, it came with a plain black lid.  The purple lid arrived separately in the mail.  I am not aware of any other laptop brands that come with switchable lids–are you? If so, please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!

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