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Facebook changes: to like or not to like?   2 comments

Facebook held its developer’s F8 conference this week and announced several new changes that have the twitterverse and the blogosphere all aflutter.  I thought it would be useful to summarize all the latest facebook news here for everyone.

1.  Timeline:  Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will introduce a timeline.  This will be one spot on Facebook where you will be able to find all your old posts, pictures, videos etc. in chronological order, from the very first post.  The idea is that you will then go in and update it with videos, photos and comments covering all the years of your life, even before you decided to join Facebook, or before it even existed.  Facebook announced that timeline will be available to everyone within the next few weeks.  But if you can’t wait that long, TechCrunch discovered a way to activate it right now.

2.  Netflix:  Facebook is planning social integration with Netflix.  The idea is that if you watch a movie on Netflix, this will be posted automatically to your profile so all your followers can see which movies you are watching.  The only hitch with this plan is that there is currently a law against this, the video privacy protection act (VPPA).  There is currently a bill in the works that would update this law: H.R. 2471.  Stay tuned to see how this develops.

3.  Spotify:  Facebook will also have social integration with music services it has partnered with, like Spotify.  This means that when you listen to a song, it will be posted to your profile, so all your friends will know what you are listening to.  If this idea makes you panic, there is a way to change your privacy settings so that nobody but you will know what you are listening to.  Spotify CEO Daniel Ek told TechCrunch that to promote this new partnership, Spotify will allow open membership and that it will be essentiallly free for the first 6 months.

4.  Hulu:  By now you get the idea, right?  Facebook has partnered with Hulu video service, so that every time you watch a video on Hulu, this will be shared with all your friends.  This will work through a Facebook app that will allow you to watch Hulu videos without ever having to leave Facebook.

5.  Ticker:  This feature has already rolled out, so if you are currently on Facebook you will have already noticed a box on the right which has a fast-moving ticker with status updates from your friends in real-time.  This is Facebook’s attempt to emulate Twitter, providing quick, real-time updates.  Some people have found it annoying.  If you are one of those people and you want to disable the ticker, you can do it following the instructions posted by CNET.

6.  Subscribe button:  Facebook will allow you to subscribe to receive updates from people who are not your friends.  This will make Facebook more like Twitter, where unless your account is protected, anyone can “follow” you and receive your status updates.  If you do not want anyone other than your friends to see your updates, you can prevent anyone from subscribing to your Facebook feed by setting your status updates to “friends only.”

Another consequence of all these changes, is that Facebook will no longer only have a “like” button.  Instead you will have buttons such as: watching, reading, listening to etc.  Basically, any verb can now be turned into a button that will allow you to share what you are doing with your friends.

For a great video summary of some of the new changes to Facebook see below:

So far, the changes that have become “active” have received mixed reviews.  What is your take on it?  Do you “like” the new Facebook, or are you reserving judgment until you see all the updated features?

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