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Where there’s smoke there’s fire–Kindle fire rumors   Leave a comment

In a previous post I listed all the rumors floating about regarding the new Amazon tablet.  Now we know the new tablet will be called the Kindle fire and that it will be released on November 15, 2011.  Here is a new list of rumors surrounding the Kindle fire:

1.  Memory: It will reportedly have 8 GB of memory.  This is not huge.  Therefore, users will have to be selective about which movies, songs and books they want to store on the device at one time.  The memory is reportedly enough to store 20 typical movies max.  However, purchased media and books will remain stored in the cloud for download to the Kindle fire whenever needed using whispersync.  Just like it does for books, whispersync will memorize the latest location that a user has reached on a movie, so that when the user next watches the movie on any device that has whispersync, it will pick up where it left off.

2.  Size: At 7 inches, the Kindle fire will be smaller than an iPad but larger than a smartphone, keeping it in the size range of current Kindle models.  It is reportedly the perfect size for reading books or watching movies.

3.  Screen:  The screen will reportedly be a touchscreen which uses IPS (in-plane switching technology) to allow several people to watch a movie or read a magazine on the device at the same time, by allowing a wide viewing angle.  The resolution will be 1024 x 600 dpi and the screen will be capable of displaying 16 million colors and will be LCD gorilla glass.

4.  Processor:  The processor is reportedly a Texas Instrument ARM-based dual core OMAP CPU.

5.  Browser:  The browser is Amazon silk, which will use cloud processing to speed up downloading.  Most of the processing will be done on Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) platform.  The browser will reportedly learn which websites users frequently visit and will pre-load them.  This has already raised some privacy concerns among lawmakers and critics, but Amazon insists that there are options to help protect users’ privacy.

6.  Apps:  The Kindle Fire will have access to Amazon’s app store and 3800+ apps, but not to all the android app market.  Some android apps (present and future) may not be compatible with the Kindle fire.

7.  Network:  Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire will not have 3G access, but will have Wi-Fi connectivity.  To me, this is the largest drawback of the device.  However, an advantage is that at least there will not be any related monthly data costs, like there are with the iPad.

I love my first generation iPad, but I confess I am fascinated with the Kindle Fire.  I am a big Amazon consumer, and I think it will be handy to have a tablet that connects seamlessly with Amazon to allow me to purchase their movies, music and books, and then to watch, listen to, or read what I purchased on the device itself.  I already pre-ordered mine, so I will definitely write a review once I have it in hand and have had a chance to test it out.

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More Amazon Tablet Rumors   1 comment

In my last post I listed some rumors about Amazon’s new tablet.  Well, this week more rumors surfaced so I thought I should summarize them again for everyone:

1.  Amazon’s new tablet will be called the Amazon Kindle.  It is said to be in direct competition with the Barnes & Noble Nook Color since it is also in full color and has a back-lit screen.

2.  The tablet has a 7 inch screen and will reportedly look a lot like the Blackberry Playbook, with a black case.

3.  MG Siegler from TechCrunch was able to see and touch the new Amazon Kindle tablet and reports that “it’s going to be a big deal.  Huge potentially.”

4.  At $250 it will cost only half of the lower-priced iPads.   Like the cheaper iPads, it will only have wifi and no 3G service.

5.  The Amazon Kindle tablet will reportedly come with a free Amazon Prime membership, which usually costs $79 and gives the subscriber free two-day shipping on and unlimited Amazon Prime video streaming.

6.  The tablet runs on android, and has direct links to the Amazon app store and Amazon’s music and video services. The eReader will be a Kindle app. Google is the default search engine on its web browser.  However, there is no connection to Google’s android market.

7.  The touch screen responds to 2 fingers (rather than 10 like the iPad) and there are no physical buttons on the device.

The tablet will reportedly be for sale in November 2011, and a 10-inch model may be offered in the first quarter of 2012 if the 7-inch model does well this year.  I think this will be a great addition to the Kindle family.  I never bought one of the original Kindles because I am not crazy about the E ink display.  I find it hard to read because of the low contrast.  I much prefer reading on my backlit iPad.  So I will be very tempted to buy one of these new Kindle tablets–how about you?

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Rumors About Amazon’s New Tablet   Leave a comment

Today the East Coast of the United States felt an earthquake, but Amazon may be preparing to make the tech world shake with its new tablet.  Here is a compilation of the latest rumors regarding Amazon’s new tablet:

1.  Amazon plans to release its new tablet by October

2.  The tablet will have a 9 inch screen

3.  The operating system will be Google’s android

4.  The tablet will likely be cheaper than the iPad, with Amazon willing to take a loss on the sale in the hopes of recouping on sales of books, music and videos

5.  Amazon allegedly hopes to ship 4 million new tablets by the end of 2011

6.  Amazon registered the domain over the weekend, fueling rumors that the new tablet will be an upgraded kindle which will support annotations

It’s still unclear whether the new tablet will be an upgraded kindle, or a bona fide tablet ready to compete with the iPad.  My guess is that it will be something in between.  With the demise of the HP Touchpad, it will be fascinating to see how the tablet wars play out.

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