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More Amazon Tablet Rumors   1 comment

In my last post I listed some rumors about Amazon’s new tablet.  Well, this week more rumors surfaced so I thought I should summarize them again for everyone:

1.  Amazon’s new tablet will be called the Amazon Kindle.  It is said to be in direct competition with the Barnes & Noble Nook Color since it is also in full color and has a back-lit screen.

2.  The tablet has a 7 inch screen and will reportedly look a lot like the Blackberry Playbook, with a black case.

3.  MG Siegler from TechCrunch was able to see and touch the new Amazon Kindle tablet and reports that “it’s going to be a big deal.  Huge potentially.”

4.  At $250 it will cost only half of the lower-priced iPads.   Like the cheaper iPads, it will only have wifi and no 3G service.

5.  The Amazon Kindle tablet will reportedly come with a free Amazon Prime membership, which usually costs $79 and gives the subscriber free two-day shipping on and unlimited Amazon Prime video streaming.

6.  The tablet runs on android, and has direct links to the Amazon app store and Amazon’s music and video services. The eReader will be a Kindle app. Google is the default search engine on its web browser.  However, there is no connection to Google’s android market.

7.  The touch screen responds to 2 fingers (rather than 10 like the iPad) and there are no physical buttons on the device.

The tablet will reportedly be for sale in November 2011, and a 10-inch model may be offered in the first quarter of 2012 if the 7-inch model does well this year.  I think this will be a great addition to the Kindle family.  I never bought one of the original Kindles because I am not crazy about the E ink display.  I find it hard to read because of the low contrast.  I much prefer reading on my backlit iPad.  So I will be very tempted to buy one of these new Kindle tablets–how about you?


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