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How to remember your passwords and keep them safe–eWallet   2 comments

If you’re anything like me you have tens of passwords and userids to remember and have trouble keeping track of them all.  I used to try to use the same password for every website, but then some websites started requiring a number, or two numbers, or the use of a special character, or the use of a capital letter in the password, and it became impossible to remember them all.  I therefore decided to buy an app to help me keep track of my passwords and login information.  I decided on eWallet after reading some positive reviews.

eWallet has iPhone, iPad and android apps, as well as versions for the PC and Mac.  I first downloaded the iPad app which costs  $9.99, and the iPhone app automatically downloaded to my iPhone without any extra charge.  Unfortunately, I had to pay another $19.99 to download the version for my PC.  It is not absolutely necessary to have it on your PC, since, as I will explain, it is possible to synch directly between the iPhone and the iPad, but I thought it was safer to have all my information stored securely on my PC as well as on my mobile devices.  eWallet uses secure 256-bit AES encryption to protect your information.

Synching between devices is not as seamless as I had hoped.  Both the iPhone and the iPad apps synch with the PC, but it is not done automatically as with cloud-based apps like Evernote.  Instead, you have to open eWallet on both your PC and your mobile device.  When you hit the “synch” button, the mobile device will give you an access code that you have to type into your PC eWallet program for the synching to begin.  You can then synch in the same fashion between the PC and your second mobile device.  There is also a way to synch directly between the iPhone and the iPad.  Let’s say you have all your information stored on your iPad.  You can then hit “backup” and eWallet will ask you for an email to which to send a file containing all your backed up information.  You can then open this email on your iPhone and click “open in eWallet.”  This will automatically save all your information on your iPhone.  Not as easy as one would hope, but it works!  Hopefully, Ilium, the makers of eWallet, will upgrade the app so that it supports automatic cloud-based synching like Evernote does.

eWallet stores all your information in the form of “cards” which look like credit cards.  Every card has space for saving userids, passwords, emails, urls etc.  There are several templates, and you can also customize cards to suit your needs.  eWallet has a feature called Auto Pass which automatically enters your passwords for you when you visit a website.  It also has a feature called Smart Copy which allows you to easily copy the information on a card and paste it into a website or email.  At present, you can print out all your cards at once, but you cannot print out only one card at a time.  This is something Ilium states on their website that they are working on.

All in all, I recommend buying this app, despite the cumbersome synching.  I think it does all that it promises to do, and has made my life easier.  Hopefully, future upgrades will take care of the features which still need improving.  Do any of you recommend any other apps for storing passwords etc.? If so, please let me know in the comments section.  Thanks!


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