Is there anything Mini about the iPad Mini?   Leave a comment

As a proud owner of a first generation and a third generation iPad, I was curious as to what the iPad mini reviews would say before deciding whether I should go out and get one.

Here is a roundup of all the top info I could gather on the iPad mini from around the web:

  • with a 7.9 inches display, the iPad mini is larger than the Nexus or the Kindle Fire but is still small enough to be held in one hand
  • it has a A5 chip processor
  • it is 7.2 mm thick
  • it weighs only 0.68 pounds
  • it has access to 275,000 apps from the Appstore
  • it has a front-facing and a rear-facing camera
  • unfortunately, it does not have a Retina diplay–this may be one of its major drawbacks, according to some reviewers
  • other reviewers think that its 1024 x 768 display, which is like that of the iPad 2, is more than adequate for watching videos
  • it is pricy for a small tablet, coming in at $329 for the 16 GB wifi-only version
  • one reviewer recommends it for combined use with a MacBook Pro
  • for CNET’s first look video review, see below:

So, will I buy an iPad mini?  I will probably wait until they come out with an iPad mini that has a retina display, because after using my third-generation iPad for months, I have become accustomed to the beautiful, clear display and am not sure how I would feel if I had to re-adjust to a lower resolution screen.  How about you?  Do you have one, or do you plan on getting one?  Please comment below.

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Don’t Miss the AIPLA 2013 Mid-Winter Institute!   Leave a comment

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) is trying something new for its 2013 Mid-Winter Institute which will be held in Tampa, Florida on January 30-February 2, 2013.  For a description of the program see the  AIPLA 2013 Mid-Winter Institute flyer.

The focus of the meeting will be on why Intellectual Property is THE business asset of the 21st Century.  IP attorneys and company executives will work side by side to present how they work together to face the challenges presented by today’s economy and protect IP in the global marketplace.

Here are some of the advantages of attending the meeting, alone or with a client:

  • attend the sessions and think through best practices and procedures to determine how to best maximize IP protection
  • learn directly from business executives and leaders why IP protection is so important to companies today
  • the conference will provide an intense primer on IP protection, including patent, copyright, trademark, as well as trade secret protection
  • this is a great opportunity to network with in-house or law firm attorneys and to learn from each other how to best maximize IP protection
  • learn how a working knowledge of IP has benefited business executives, CEOs and CTOs straight from the source
  • learn how IP matters to Angel and Venture investors
  • learn about global IP issues in biotechnology, chemistry, high-tech fields and other technical areas
  • learn how start-ups can best maximize the value of their IP and attract investors

If you want to receive more information from the AIPLA on the 2013 Mid-Winter Institute as it becomes available, click here.  I am one of the organizers and will attend the Mid-Winter Institute.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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2012 AIPLA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Announcement   Leave a comment

Click the link to the AIPLA Women in IP Law blog for an announcement on the 2012 AIPLA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C:

2012 AIPLA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Announcement.

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Follow-up discussion on latest Women in IP webinar   Leave a comment

We have received some good feedback on our latest webinar and would like to continue the discussion on the Women in IP blog and on the AIPLA Women in IP LinkedIn Group.  If you would like to submit questions or make comments to the questions anonymously, please email me at or Yelena Morozova at  We will post the questions or comments on the Women in IP blog anonymously.

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FREE Women in IP Webinar on September 18th Open to All Attendees   Leave a comment

Registration is now open to all attendees, not just Women in IP members.  I am the moderator and one of the organizers of this webinar.  It promises to be very informative and will teach great networking skills.  Please check it out!

FREE Women in IP Webinar on September 18th Open to All Attendees.

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Upcoming Free Webinar for Women in IP Law Committee Members on September 18th-Engaging the Room YOUR Way   Leave a comment

I am going to be the moderator for this AIPLA Women in IP webinar on September 18th, sponsored by Drinker Biddle:

Upcoming Free Webinar for Women in IP Law Committee Members on September 18th-Engaging the Room YOUR Way.

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AIPLA Women in IP September 18, 2012 Webinar Announcement and Request for Sponsors   Leave a comment

The webinar by the AIPLA Women in IP Law Committee: “Overcoming Client Development Challenges for Women Lawyers” was a great success. We have planned our next webinar: “Engaging the Room YOUR Way” with Karen B. Kahn, Managing Partner of Threshold Advisors, LLC for September 18, 2012. However, we need your support to make this and future webinars happen. Please contact Yelena Morozova ( or Debora Plehn-Dujowich ( about sponsorship opportunities. As a sponsor, your firm name would be prominently displayed in all webinar announcements and your firm would be thanked during the webinar itself.  Thank you. Below is a short description of the webinar:

Does the avalanche of invitations to seminars, conferences, charity events, and holiday parties excite you or fill you with dread?

Hundreds of lawyers report that they find going to these events to be sheer torture and a waste of time. Many times, you don’t have a real choice – you have to go to certain events as part of your job and/or family responsibilities. Instead of focusing on the negative, can you find ways to make these events fun and productive? For example you can earn CLE credit and expand your relationship network at the same event. With many seminars, conferences and holiday events looming on the horizon, we are pleased to present a practice webinar that provides specific instruction about how attendance at gatherings can lead to the acquisition of new knowledge, relationships, opportunities and actual enjoyment.

For more information, check out the AIPLA Women in IP blog here.

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