WIPO ePCT–a PRIVATE PAIR-like way to keep track of your International Applications   2 comments

WIPO has a new system for keeping track of your International Applications, and it is called ePCT.  It works much like the USPTO’s Private Pair, but it has some advantages over Private Pair, that I will explain below.

For a list of FAQ about ePCT, click here.  Here are some of the highlights regarding this new service offered by WIPO:

1.  As with Pair, there are two services, a public one and a private one.

2.  If you wish to use the public service, all you need will be a basic user account.

3.  If you wish to use the private service, you will have to set up a WIPO online user account via the WIPO accounts service and you will need to obtain and use a digital certificate.  For instructions on how to create a user account and obtain a digital certificate, click here.

4.  ePCT private services allow you to access international applications filed as of January 1, 2009, regardless of the receiving office and regardless of the type of filing.  You will receive advance notification of dates, such as the 30 month time limit.  It also allows you to create constructable links to specific document pages, that you can then forward to your clients or co-workers.  Another advantage over Private Pair is that it allows you to preview the front page of an international application publication, so that you can make any necessary corrections before publication.

5.  It is not yet possible to electronically file an international application via ePCT.

6.  The person who has control over an international application in ePCT is termed the eOwner.  He/she can grant eOwner, eEditor or eViewer to other users with whom he/she has conducted a “digital handshake.”  eEditors can access and edit the documents related to a particular international application, but cannot assign editing or viewing rights to other users.  eViewers, as the name suggests, can only view documents but cannot edit them.

7.  ePCT is part of the entire Global Dossier concept, a virtual environment to give all stakeholders a virtual one-stop shop for managing related international applications.

For a video describing the Global Dossier concept, click below:

Global Dossier concept


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2 responses to “WIPO ePCT–a PRIVATE PAIR-like way to keep track of your International Applications

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  1. Hi Debora,

    This is interesting. How different is the ePCT from the WIPO patentscope system. I am new to this and trying to figure out!

    • Hi Sonsy,
      On Patentscope, documents generally only become available after publication of the international application. However, if you have access to ePCT, some documents may be available to you earlier.
      Thank you,


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