Public PAIR patent file histories now available on Google   4 comments

The patent file histories of roughly a million and a half patent applications are now available through Google.  Google is crawling file histories from Public PAIR on the USPTO website.

Google repackages the documents as zip files.  Google has provided detailed information about the format.

For instructions on how to retrieve file histories from Google Click Here.

This new service indicates that Google is investing more resources into its Patent search franchise, spearheaded by Google Patents.  Google may be positioning itself to be a real competitor to other services that currently provide patent file histories.  The real advantage of Google is, of course, that it provides the service for free.  It remains to be seen if Google will continue expanding the type of services it provides, perhaps beginning to offer free patent monitoring services, such as “Google Patent Alerts.”


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4 responses to “Public PAIR patent file histories now available on Google

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  1. Yay!

  2. Very interesting development. In the past Google only provided actual published patents in its database. Having Public PAIR available provides much more information – including published applications and file histories.

    So, it looks like patent applications/file histories will be available from ~January 1993 to present.

    It will be interesting to continue watching Google’s development in this area!

    Thanks for informing us of this big change.

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