Where’s the (Smartphone) Fire? Amazon Smartphone Rumors.   Leave a comment

With the success of the Amazon Fire tablet, it was only a matter of time until Amazon smartphone rumors started popping up.  This week, Citigroup’s analyst Mark Mahaney reported that Amazon is planning a smartphone of its own, to compete with other popular smartphones like the iPhone.  Here are the latest Amazon smartphone rumors:

1.  Price:  Amazon’s upcoming smartphone is rumored to cost in the range of $150-170, which is considerably cheaper than the latest iPhone.

2.  Release date:  Citigroup’s Mark Mahaney reported that Amazon is set to release its new smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2012, just in time for the next holiday season.

3.  Processor:  the smartphone is rumored to come with a Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processor.

4.  Developer:  Amazon is going to partner with Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. to develop the device, but Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry will probably make the device and its components.

5.  Palm:  Amazon is rumored to be in talks to buy Palm, leading to rumors that a new Amazon smartphone might run on Palm’s OS or derivatives of it.

Would you be tempted to buy an Amazon smartphone?  As of yet there are very little rumors about what the phone’s actual capabilities would be and how seriously it could really compete with the iPhone and other smartphones out there.  I guess we’ll just have to hold our breaths and wait out the fire.


Posted November 20, 2011 by deboraplehn in Amazon

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