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Today the East Coast of the United States felt an earthquake, but Amazon may be preparing to make the tech world shake with its new tablet.  Here is a compilation of the latest rumors regarding Amazon’s new tablet:

1.  Amazon plans to release its new tablet by October

2.  The tablet will have a 9 inch screen

3.  The operating system will be Google’s android

4.  The tablet will likely be cheaper than the iPad, with Amazon willing to take a loss on the sale in the hopes of recouping on sales of books, music and videos

5.  Amazon allegedly hopes to ship 4 million new tablets by the end of 2011

6.  Amazon registered the domain over the weekend, fueling rumors that the new tablet will be an upgraded kindle which will support annotations

It’s still unclear whether the new tablet will be an upgraded kindle, or a bona fide tablet ready to compete with the iPad.  My guess is that it will be something in between.  With the demise of the HP Touchpad, it will be fascinating to see how the tablet wars play out.


Posted August 23, 2011 by deboraplehn in Amazon, Kindle

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