Too many bookmarks and favorites? 3 ways to save material to read later.   2 comments

We’ve all been there. We find a great article or blog post to read online, or on Twitter, and we just don’t have the time to read it right then and there. So we bookmark it, or if we’re on Twitter we “favorite” the tweet and hope to get back to it later. Of course, we rarely do.

Here are three useful ways to save material to read later. Two of them, I use regularly, and the third I hope to try soon.

1. The first is Evernote. In a previous blog post I talked about how I use Evernote to read pdfs. Another great use for Evernote is to copy a link that you want to go back to later, open a note in Evernote and copy the link. The cool thing about Evernote is that you can tab your notes. For example, I have notes that I tab “blog” where I save blog ideas and links to articles or blog posts that inspire me to write a post on my blog. Evernote also allows you to “clip” sections of a webpage and save that to read later by copying it into a note.

2. The second is Instapaper. Instapaper can be installed on your Mac or PC, and it exists as an iPhone and iPad app. What it does is that it allows you to create a bookmark named “Read later” and when you are at a webpage that has content that you want to save to read later, you simply click on your “Read later” bookmark, and the content of the webpage gets sent to Instapaper. You can then go to Instapaper and (you guessed it) read it later! The advantage of Instapaper is that once you have something saved on your device using their app, you do not need an internet connection to go back and read it later. For example, if you save something with Instapaper on your iPad, you can go back and read it later even if you don’t have an internet connection. This is great for people who don’t have 3G on their iPad. Instapaper also allows you to share content, or to access content recommended by others, so you will always have something ready to read at your fingertips. Ironically, for a service that many people use to keep up with reading the news, Instapaper was recently in the news itself because the FBI seized a server that it was leasing in an unrelated raid on a scareware ring.

3. The third is Safari’s upcoming Reading List. Apple is coming up with its own Instapaper-like service called Reading List which will be part of iOS5 and Lion this fall. It will reportedly synch with iOS devices, much like Instapaper does. I look forward to trying it when it comes out this fall.

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2 responses to “Too many bookmarks and favorites? 3 ways to save material to read later.

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