REVIEW: Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4   1 comment

Mophie juice pack air for iPhone 4

I use my iPhone 4 heavily during the day, and I have a one-hour commute on the train to and from work every day, so having a battery life extender for my iPhone 4 was a must. I decided on the Mophie Juice Pack Air after seeing it in the AT&T store where I got my iPhone 4. It can double the duration of the battery so that I no longer have to charge my phone during the day. I like the sleek design, and the case offers some protection should you drop your phone. I have only two complaints. One is that the Mophie juice pack is charged via a micro USB, so you cannot use a regular iPhone 4 charger. You can connect the micro USB provided with the juice pack to a wall plug, or you can connect it to the USB of your computer. The only way to charge your phone with a regular charger is to remove the juice pack and charge the phone directly. My second complaint is that when the juice pack is charging there are very bright lights that flash along the bottom, showing the progress of the recharge. If, like me, you charge your phone on your nighstand or anywhere near where you sleep, the bright lights will be very disruptive to your sleep patterns. Fortunately, the lights can be turned off by holding down the button at the bottom of the charger for a couple of seconds. Other than that, I am quite happy with my Mophie Juice Pack. Cost is roughly $80.

Does anyone recommend any other juice packs out there?

ETA: The flashing lights cannot be turned off while the phone is charging. The lights can only be turned on or off once charging is done.


Posted June 14, 2011 by deboraplehn in Apple, iPhone

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One response to “REVIEW: Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4

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  1. Sounds good, not sure to fin d it in Switzerland

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